1M2 Dubai Brand identity system
1M2 Dubai aims to create an adequate service offering clients the highest quality of work with a comprehensive understanding of modern production. Their services include advertising, photography, video production and any kind of media requirements. 1M2 is based in Dubai City, one of the most beautiful cities UAE.
I have developed and created an innovative strategy for 1M2 brand identity, where the passion creativity and inspiration are the platform for their activities. The brand name and the activities where the inspiration for 1M2 Dubai brand mark, a visual  representation of their world. We aim at creating a powerful simplicity, all the components are based on the coherence of the work done. In addition, we created visual graphic elements, icons representing the character and different core values on grids arranged with the alphabetic characters of the brand name, the arrangement is  interchangeable for different layout types.
The stationery of 1M2 was focused on the design elements and craft production, the products are used as a gift for their clients such as packaging, post cards, business cards. We used some type of paper folding origami based on hexagons of brand mark, we also used hand embossing so that customers can proactively create a number of publications for their own needs.
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